Bill 228 – The Sikh Heritage Month Act


Bill 228: The Sikh Heritage Month Act was introduced by Wab Kinew - leader of the official opposition during question period on March 20, 2019. When passed, this bill will legislate every April to come as Sikh Heritage Month in the Province of Manitoba.

Sikh Heritage Manitoba wanted Sikhs of every generation to interpret and share what Sikhi means to them in mainstream spaces unapologetically. We wanted to highlight triumphs and challenges of our pioneers and encourage current generations to engage consciously with Sikhi throughout the month of April via educational and artistic programming, that focused on the institution of Seva, building community and reflecting on the challenges with Sikh diaspora.

Hence, we decided to engage with our public institutions to educate our friends, neighbours and community about the Sikh faith, values and beliefs as well as the rich heritage of Sikhs here in Manitoba through various artistic mediums.

On April 4, 2019 the bill is scheduled to have it’s second reading. By supporting Bill 228: The Sikh Heritage Month Act you can help Sikh Heritage Manitoba organize diverse programming and events throughout the month of April. Sikhs in Manitoba proudly celebrate their identity publicly through institutions like Nagar Kirtan, Vaisakhi and hopefully through Sikh Heritage Month celebrations in April through the legislation of Bill - 228.

Download the petition and email templates we’ve created to help you get in contact with your local MLA’s today

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